I am a writer of poems and stories. I feel that life is one long novel divided into chapters. My chapters change as I change my residence. I write about America, my homeland, and all its possibilities. I write about my beautiful time in Ireland which I will never forget. Now I am writing from France where everything in my life is illuminated differently. I write about all the places in between. I belong nowhere and everywhere. Many things can happen before you turn the page to the next chapter of your life.

Sometimes letting go is about not giving up and it’s almost always about love.

Image: Clifden, Co. Galway, Ireland


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rose,
    What a beautiful person you are! Did not know that you had your own blog, delighted to be able to read your poetry and comments that you share with you followers. I can easily remember when we worked together, in how calm, cool and collected you always were, no matter how many storms could be raging outside of your office. I am very grateful to know you.

    Chia-Lin and I we wish in 2015 to be married and also for people in general to be more healthy and not to be stuck on taking medications for things when there are perfect healthy alternatives to keep you always healthy and well.

    We wish you as always the very best and that God will always richly bless you!
    We love you and we miss you!

    Warmest Regards & a Healthy & Happy New Year! Carl and Chia-Lin

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